Friday, July 18, 2014

Mission Accomplished

We did it.

Apologies for not updating you lately on our progress, but these months have been crazy!!!

Hundreds of visitors and lots of new items on the agenda… Ergo, the lack of updates…

I know how excited some of you have been alongside with us; frequently asking about our next blog post on how the Dadanco team is doing. Well, I could write but let me just present you with our newest piece of literature, the overview of the Luxton-Reed Center and its set of capabilities.

Please find the easy download: The Luxton-Reed Brochure, at our website link .

Have fun touring through the pictures of the various demonstration rooms and other attributes that make our new home so exciting and inviting! I bet you cannot wait to visit us soon. :)

And I wouldn't blame you.

Until then, keep yourself cool in this summer heat.

By Olga Pyshnyak