Wednesday, December 11, 2013

August and September: Tick-Tock, It’s Almost Time

August and September have gone by in a blur! I cannot believe how fast time flies by and as I write this, I feel the oncoming chill of autumn.

Looking back, it always seemed that this project was moving at a snail’s pace … and now it seems surreal that very soon we will have moved in, frolicking in the lounge area and sleeping in the meeting rooms, (ooopps my bad, I mean attending attentively, very serious meetings in meeting rooms), as well as stretching our minds in the thermal labs and demo area and, of course, sitting cheerfully at our desks. 

Well, here’s my early fall update …

We’ve been putting on our best bib and tucker, full tilt!

Here’s our new driveway up to the canopied entrance. The new stucco outer skin is having fresh coats of paint applied. It seemed so much fun and I so wanted to have a go, even if, like the last time I decorated my home, I ended up with more paint on my clothes than on the walls (lol)! 
It’s kind of sad that the old original 1970’s yellowy and brown theme has been replaced with our modern Blue and White ‘Dadanco’ livery, NOT!
The building looks so beautiful compared to all the other buildings in the immediate vicinity, it will surely stand out and I cannot wait to see the final result.
So that’s enough about the facade, what’s happening inside? 
Here are the first images of the ACB10 chilled beam mounted in the bulkhead over the entrance to the Hotel Room mock-up!
With tradesmen working everywhere, traveling down the corridors has to be executed with great care and skill; my years of Ninja training held me in good stead. Don’t worry, I’m sure with Dan inspecting every nook & cranny for compliance in minimizing heat losses, there will be more insulation on the pipework than shown here on the floor! 
Hey! Same ladder! This guy moves fast! Check out the boardroom dropdown ceiling, quite a modern architectural twist. I understand this will be the home to four ACB40 2-way active beams and a metal ceiling, all with a matching perforation.
Talking about twists, check out this serpentine edge to another drop ceiling in our social area and lounge located between the classroom & lab demo areas. 
And now we traipse into the production office. Cassidy’s dwelling place will be right behind that rectangular partition. We wanted to put a pool table there but when we found out it was not big enough to be able to play some of the harder shots, Cassidy got his way!!!  At this point, still looks like a bar to me! My home-away-from-home will be directly across the room to the left of Cassidy, and on that same side of the space. I am so glad that my cubicle will be next to the window… I need my window! It reminds me of endless possibilities of freedom! You have all been in my shoes, so don’t judge!
Beams are everywhere, sitting prettily amidst the foamy insulated ceiling! Look at those snow queens! They cannot wait to be set free to do what they do best-make our life comfortable!
Here we see chilled beams before and after the pipework insulation. So those are the 6 way control valves! Now I understand how you make the 4-pipe distribution work with a 2-pipe coil, as of course, it maximizes the efficiency from the chilled beams at the same time!
Our building has many accessories! Here we have the Taco multipurpose valves that regulate flow and circulate the water in the correct direction at the desired pressure. This type of valve acts as four valves in one: shuts off, checks, balances and meters the flow. How cool is that? It can multitask just as well as any woman can! :)
Another nifty thing, the variable speed drive pumps! Check it out; we got a whole garden of these toys! 
That big red thing? Well, that’s simply the air separator that gets the excess air out of the piping system. There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to setting up all these systems in a functioning building. Humans are so inventive! I never stop being amazed! 
Here is a whole lot of them! The intricacy of pipework accentuated with shots of red, so cool to look at!
I am no pipe lover, nor do I go crazy over valves, but I can admire the system, the organization and skillful layout and the amount of thought put into setting this all up effectively. 

Is this a spider or a crab? Neither! Here we see the Taco heat exchanger that generates medium temperature water for the chilled beams. Pretty cool, eh?

Yet more Mestek products, this time from our sister subsidiary, Space Pak!
This is one of their Aircell mini air-handlers which will be used to supply low temperature air (48 to 50F) to the Dadanco Inffusers located in the classroom/training room.

 The pipework distribution system was lagged and labeled in September.
Here we see multiple temperature chilled water and hot water supply and return, dual temperature supply and return and low temperature chilled water supply and return.

This is the refrigeration unit serving the hot and cold wall in the hotel room mock-up. Pretty cool fans, wouldn’t you say? 

Having already excavated the hole for the indoor ‘swimming pool’, someone decided that we could use it for the raised floor section of the new thermal lab and so the task of leveling it, before pouring the foundation, began.

The next thing on the list was to put the reinforcement in place. Caution! Don’t get too curious or you may just fall in! Moving forward! Next item on the list, the ‘Rebar’ reinforcement!

Once we are done with the prep work, the cement truck arrives for a morning of fun! So how do you get large quantities of cement several hundred feet to where you need it? Well you could use a couple of large wheelbarrows and brute strength, and a few weeks… or just do it the easy way, lay down a delivery system and pump it there.
Pretty cool and complicated stuff.  Everywhere I look, pipes and more pipes snake their way across the factory floor of the building next door (thanks guys for allowing that!), and then, across our factory floor.  I just hoped we did not spring a leak and eventually all was delivered without incident, amazing!

Gentlemen are having lots of fun filling in the hole. Be quick or you will be cemented in place! :)

Oh, what joy it is to splash around in the wet cement! I was so jealous of the lucky participants, but funny, they never thought it was as much fun as I imagined!

The fruit of all their hard labor, the foundation is filled and left to harden. 

Uh oh!!!What is he doing, filling the space with water? That was what I was hoping for at that moment, “Hey, quick, before anyone notices, let’s turn this back into a pool. I’ve gotten so heated up during the strenuous morning operations that a swim would be just what I need!”

Stay tuned for what happened in October & November and, oh joy, winter once again in Massachusetts!

by Chris Lawrence and Olga Pyshnyak