Wednesday, August 28, 2013

June and July Update: Gearing Up For The Big Bang.

Summer months are no excuse for dilly-dallying and our construction never stood still! The final big push is coming in the fourth quarter of this year and time is “a-ticking”! From the big details to the smallest, everything is coming together with a cohesiveness that is remarkable. We are starting to see substantial changes that only serve to fuel our team’s enthusiasm! Let’s take a quick peak at what these two months had in store for us…

Immediately, as you walk towards the entrance, you will notice that the canopy has been raised up over the steps. It will serve our visitors well during the rainy weather as they await their limos being brought around by our team of ever-smiling valets, each ninja trained in the ‘Art of Parking Cars and Silent Killing’… providing the comfort of knowing that no one will mess with your ride while you’re busy touring our lovely facilities. 

Right before walking through the door, look right and left and notice that our building’s fa├žade has been revamped by a fresh coat of paint. Mmm…what a beauty! Yeah, ho-hum… you think beige is boring? Hold your horses, don’t judge us yet! More colors (not just another shade of beige) and signs are coming soon to outfit our building! 

Oh, and by the way, we now have the official name for our new home which is named in memory of Prof. Sam Luxton, co-founder of Dadanco, and John Reed, founder of Mestek Inc., ‘The Luxton Reed Center’.

Further announcements, on the change of address and etc., will be made at the appropriate time.

And talking about big details, here you see the roof mounted 8000 Btu/h condensing unit for the cold wall in the hotel mockup room being lowered into place. I was planning on getting the odd 40 winks in there; I just hope the structure guy got his sums right as this baby looks pretty heavy! Perhaps they should put the hotel king sized bed right underneath it, and just to be on the safe side, if I ever need a nap, I’ll check out the bed in the patient room mock-up instead :).  

I hear there will be a mural of a major city in the hotel room, can’t wait to see which city they’ll pick!

Don’t be fooled by the picture in the upper left corner. Remember your mother telling you, “Appearances can be deceiving”. Well, she is right. The picture with all of that activity on the bottom right is really the same space but from a different angle. Simply put, one side of the room is taking a rest…while the other one-isn’t, and boy are the guys working hard finishing off the pipework before the drywall goes up!

Electrical components are taking shape. The bottom left corner depicts the floor outlet for the audio visual equipment, data & power in the boardroom. This will feed the “big-decision-maker” boardroom table that will run across it. I can almost picture our guests along with our guys, with the air of self-importance and tech-savvy, presiding over this table.

Most of the pipework distribution systems are now in place with pipework lopped off, flushed and clean, eagerly awaiting final connection. With so many products from the Mestek subsidiaries going into ‘The Luxton Reed Center’, I just wonder which product these pipes will serve.

Final internal excavation nears completion and the rumor going around for some time was that this would be an indoor Jacuzzi with a swimming pool.  Great idea and what style…

But hey, let’s not get carried away. It’s actually going to be fitted out for the foundation of the new thermal lab chamber; it appears the whole thing will be on a raised floor so that we can control thermal loss through the floor!!! Talk about big details.

I still want it tiled and filled with water but they wouldn’t listen to any of my “nonsense”!

Apparently many of our clients, reps and staff, want to see what this lab can do. Grrrrr, so much for simple creature luxuries, I mean comforts.                                                           

Going back to the title of this blog, this Big Bang that I’m writing about will change the life of DADANCO forever. Not only will we make a short trip up the hill and around the corner from the highway 90 to our new home but we will also start a journey that will inspire momentum, focus and the creative energy of innovation, allowing us to stay at the forefront of our technology. ‘The Luxton Reed Center’ will catapult us into a new era!

Stay tuned for more updates coming your way! 

By Chris Lawrence and Olga Pyshnyak