Friday, July 19, 2013

April  and May Update: No Stopping Us Now

Thankfully the months of April and May brought in a sharp relief to the winter months with fierce intensity of awakened Spring.

Snow –gone, Check! Sunshine-Check!

Moving forward with “The Offices Project”-Check, Check!

Checking in on a daily basis desensitizes you to the progress happening but looking in, infrequently, makes one appreciate the shifts towards completion.

Unfortunately, a picture can’t show the hard effort exerted by the Dadanco team that is overseeing the construction. They are creating a lean and green building that will showcase not just the Dadanco technology but that of our sister subsidiaries, all the while performing the 9 to 5 job of providing application support, product development, production engineering, tendering and continuing to keep Dadanco successful!

This is nothing short of a Herculean achievement, thanks guys!

Let me run by you a few progress photos!

The front entrance beckons, shy of its nakedness but in the next few months it will be outfitted with the most elegant dress. Just watch and see, all you doubters!

Boy, when we get moles in Westfield, we get moles! Anyhow, laying down new drainage from the plant room is almost complete; next stop - sidewalk upgraded to cater for wheelchair access.

Impressive new front doors, not… Don’t worry, the bucket and ashtray will go before we open, promise!
Let’s scope out the interior…

Here is our new entrance from the inside! To the right of it, the new reception area with a fantastically modern look starts to take shape.

Don’t be dissuaded by the lazy wheelbarrow at the door that’s there to carry all the tons of cash we need to pay for the new facilities!  LOL.  It will be gone by the time the clients arrive, the wheel barrow I mean, not the cash!  

Sometime later this year, busy clients with full agendas and hands full of new and exciting chilled beam layouts will be hurrying through our doorway! 

We have a dream! 

This is not war, but the trenches seem to infiltrate the flooring here and there!  Chris said the building would be more European with a moat, but I never imagined it on the inside, so be careful where you step!

At the very top right area is where Dan’s and Vlad’s offices are clustered together. The remaining area will be the sales and applications support, a new cube farm as such, where our engineers’ desks will be arranged skillfully in triangular formations. Top left, the corner of the break out area where we can lay out engineering designs. With all the stud work up throughout the facility, the final layout can be examined and the fight to claim your space starts in earnest…

I’m not sure what the going rate is for the space near an outside window but I’ve already cordoned off my area with some tape that states ‘beware of the leopard!’…

More ductwork goes up in wavy formations, in its own true essence of architectural art.

Look at the symphony of shapes, a feat of geometry and metal! Ok, so it’s got to clear this pipe and follow that structure but a straight duct would just be too boring of a shot to show you, so let’s go with form over function on this one :)

Here rests the lounge/entertaining area. No humans have yet to find relaxation in this space save for this delicate wallflower of a machine. This will be a masterpiece of comfort where clients can chill on comfy sofas. I am afraid it may end up being the favorite room of many of us… If someone is missing, we will know where to look first!

Maybe I should cordon off another area here for me. Those leopards tend to hunt in pairs… so I hear!  Best warn my co-workers to be on the safe side (haha!).   

Just look at that curvy special ceiling profile at the top! How neat is that? I really fancy the undulating waves of this serpentine shape!

The plant room is taking shape with the Hydrotherm KN series condensing boilers (from our sister MESTEK subsidiary, of course) and the Taco pumps are now in situ. 

Can’t wait to see these boilers fire up!

I figured we’ve been inside for far too long.  Let’s go outside to view more additions from the MESTEK family of companies. Just pause to admire the greenery!  Such a contrast to the last blog which featured the Westfield snow… now you see our Westfield greenery budding through :). How fantastic!

Ok,  and back to what you see here, these are the reverse cycle SpacePak chillers (Yes, yet another MESTEK subsiduary. Well, you hardly expected someone else’s brand, right?) installed and ready to go. At about 30 tons capacity,which should be more than enough to deal with all the hot air some of my colleagues produce… well, certanly enough to deal with the  four demonstration labs, the offices, the meeting areas and the new thermal test chamber.

And here, a closer look at this uniform formation trying to catch some shade…

More updates to follow! Until then, enjoy the lovely hot weather we are having…especially if you live in the Northeast as it won’t last much longer!

by Chris Lawrence and Olga Pyshnyak