Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Videos, Fun and... Educational!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

January and February Update: Offices Push Forward.

January and February rolled by as in a blur. Typical of any new year’s beginnings! Lots of plans, commotion, action and looking to the future…

Allow me to update you on what transpired within these months.

Architectural reviews of the interior have been fully set ablaze as the many various layouts and designs were examined, reexamined, considered and reconsidered (multiply by 2 and then take away the 1st number you thought of)… by our hardworking staff.

I am incredibly excited about the outcome as I hear that the interior is going to be amazing! From a fancy lounge and a huge boardroom that Donald Trump would envy to showers in the bathrooms and bike storage for the “green-minded” staff, well, this place is going to be amazing!

Things may be warming up inside but on the outside it’s still “brrrrr” worthy and typical of the mild (some might say almost tropical) Westfield winters, the snow clung to earth as if for dear life! Thankfully, long gone are the days when we had to dig our own footings for the SpacePak condenser units, but don’t tell Vlad, Dan and I made a few bucks from him believing we dug these by hand. 

The outside fa├žade was quite dismal still but a little birdie told me that a lot of work will be done here as well, so watch out world! Our building will be unique for sure!

As it’s too cold to stay outside any longer, let’s investigate in greater detail what was happening inside. For starters, a big ticket item finally arrived from one of our sister subsidiaries, Applied Air, Dallas! OK, no yellow roses, but the yellow fork lift and steel columns at least made this baby feel right at home.

It was no joke unloading the DOAS but the men handled themselves beautifully in the midst of adversity. This monstrosity had nothing on them!

Look at that bare, lonesome concrete plinth! It didn’t have to “cry us a river” (Justin Timberlake, “Cry Me a River”) as it wasn’t vacant for that long. 

And so, shortly after, and as if 

by magic...

The DOAS was sitting prettily on that fine, hard pillow. I was somewhat amazed over what followed in the next few days … A procession of Dadanco and MESTEK engineers coming by to see, touch and swoon over this piece of equipment... 

I’m sure I even heard one of them talking to “her”!!!

Writing up this section on the DOAS, I’ve had to learn what the heck it actually is and a few nifty lessons later, I now appreciate the finer workings of this ‘Dedicated Outdoor Air System’, being a provider of 100% fresh air while exhausting the “used” air, avoiding the recirculation of the stagnant room air over and over. 

And no self-respecting DOAS would dare show its face without having heat recovery and as seen here, our wheel uses the heat of the air leaving to heat the colder fresh air that is being drawn into the building by the DOAS.

Not to be outdone by Applied Air, Hydrotherm, another subsidiary of MESTEK Inc. and sister company of ours, were proud to present us with their boilers. 

Here they are brand spanking new, excited to be here.

Pieces are coming together in harmonious symphony!

Stay tuned for the Spring months’ progress which will be coming shortly!


By Chris Lawrence and Olga Pyshnyak