Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year, New Offices

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a wonderful and very merry holiday season.

I certainly did.

Went to the Dominican Republic with my sister for eight days of sunshine and extreme adventure…

But that’s another story. I digress.

As you already know, DADANCO is now a part of MESTEK, and therefore, many new opportunities for growth have materialized quickly as our new owners look to build on the success we have achieved so far.

With their backing, together,we have been working hard on the renovation of our offices and construction of the new test facilities.

Please allow me to walk you through a few snapshots, month by month…

But wait, a little history lesson before we begin!

… and off we go!

Prior to demolition in October

Back in the day, prior to the demolition, prior to any labor pains, I walked the halls of the original offices with fresh eyes, dreaming of endless possibilities, hopeful but not fully aware of the scope of the changes that were about to unfold. 

I wondered where my new office would be; maybe I could stake claim now, before the others arrived...

This is how the building looked like on the inside. The welcome area is in the top right corner, and progressing clockwise, we see the conference room, an office corner, a cafeteria, and in the center, the cubicles within the office space. 

As you see, just a lick of paint away from being LEED platinum (I wish). Our plans for LEED certified building, that will showcase DADANCO and MESTEK 'Green' innovative products, start here…

As you can see, we could have moved right into this space… or could we? Well, after a full survey, the powers agreed that demolition was in order to kick off our start to LEED certification and to providing our customers with low-energy Green offices and cutting-edge test facilities, where DADANCO having "talked the talk", now gets to "walk the walk" with our products installed throughout. 

Just how many of our competitors can boast that their facilities are cooled by chilled beams? Err, maybe I’m wrong but I think the answer is zero. Anyway, answers on post cards please; I look forward to reading your response. 

So... fresh start, fresh beginnings! And so it began!

Early October 2012

This is what the façade of the building looked like when we began. Nice enough, but now that we are going to fill it to the brim with innovative 'Green' technology, a new modern façade is a must.

Boys and their toys... Have you ever just wanted to smash a sledge hammer into a wall? 

Vladimir, DADANCO’s President, had to have his go at demolition, and as you see in both this picture and the video below, he managed to hit the wall almost every time.

I think he really enjoyed this stress relieving activity but I also think he should not give up his day job...


Dan, our VP of Engineering, not to be out done, had his bit of fun as well. Actually, I think he has done this before. Both Vlad and Dan are available for hire by the hour (well, for about an hour between them) for any local demolition next time they visit a building site near you.

The wall didn’t know what hit it, walls are odd that way. :)

Late October 2012

The real work begins with real workers!

It’s our mess and we can cry if we want to…

Don’t worry, a lick of paint, a splash of plaster and you'll never recognize the place in a day or two. Is it time for a tea break yet ?

Walls knocked out, debris running amok. Everything is under control and as you can see, this demolition guy is hard at work guarding the step ladder, just in case… 

Mmmmm, outside window, single office, maybe that’s my new office!

Inquisitive people stop by frequently to look, offer advice and on the whole, look a lot more… Everyone participated in offering their professional opinions, and in the end, we were never short of ideas or foremen, LOL.

Wonder why there is a snow shovel in this picture???

Slowly but surely things start to un-shape!

Can you see the potential of this space? The hushed voices, loud telephone rings, clever brains click-clacking away in the offices and cubicles, surrounded by modern designs?

That’s right; it’s a bit of a stretch at this point but stick with us!

Could this be my new office? It’s a bit small for me but I’ll make do :).

Don’t mess with our piles of perfectly stacked rubbish. It takes a real craftsman to stack trash, so we must have the best, any offers???

Wow, another step ladder and no one guarding it this time :).

The doors to new beginnings have been lifted off their hinges, literally… but as you see, to get LEED certification we need to save some of the original structure and also reuse as much of the materials as we can.
Blasting through doors; nothing can stop us on our path!

Early November 2012

Early November brought the demise of the façade as we knew it. I certainly look forward to a more exciting finish, something to greet our customers in style.

This is the entrance through which, big fish and small fish … and middle-sized fish will all walk through, if they ever manage to move that truck out of the way.

I hear that the reception area will be very modern and attractive, leading through to a huge glass fronted boardroom where we can greet and meet our guests.

I hope that you will be able to stop by very soon!

Demolition work is almost complete and most of the trash has been removed or recycled and ready for reuse. 

Next stop-studwork and the framing-out of the offices and demonstration areas!

Less mess, more progress...

I wonder who that office is for, fingers crossed, could it be for me???

Late November 2012

Vladimir Petrovic, President of DADANCO, and Stewart Reed, the COO of MESTEK, Inc.,visit the site to inspect the progress and are seen shaking hands in the facility that will be a feather in the cap of MESTEK, and the jewel in the crown for DADANCO.

And for those of you who have never seen Vlad in a suit before, just pause a little longer before you move on.

There is more than meets the eye. They see it. You will see it, too, very shortly.

Vlad animatedly describes some of the finer details of the new facilities. I’m sure I heard him say, "I’d like the helicopter rooftop landing pad to be up there and a ramp spiraling down to the parking lot where my new company Lamborghini will be parked". It would be best if I did not repeat Stew's reply, but let’s just say neither helicopter, pad, ramp or Lambo are in the budget.

Better luck next time…

Early December 2012

A forest of studwork went up at the beginning of this month. It’s quite a feeling-walking through these rows of steel giants. Open spaces have congregated into separate rooms. The board room and the thermal scenario lab are starting to take shape. We are so excited at the progress and can’t wait to bring our clients here once it’s complete.

Still have not decided on which space will be mine but the place is certainly taking shape and it will not be long now...

Framing and pipework near completion in one of the four demonstration labs. Next items to go up will be the chilled beams and controls. The new facilities will feature the latest chilled water systems and controls along with many 'Green' products manufactured by our sister subsidiaries.

Drywall is ready to go; the once nebulous idea is now shaping up into a very solid reality.

Late December 2012

The end of the year brought a few more updates within the décor. This will be the engineering offices. Wow, the new windows seem to bring in more light than before…

Insulation in the ceiling has been put up, resembling a mass of fluffy clouds everywhere.

Pipework is also up, and the ductwork is about to follow.

New office for Vlad on the right, with Dan’s taking shape on the left. Still can’t find the location for mine, I know it’s somewhere close.

Hmmm, not sure how smaller windows than the originals can let in so much more light...

The remaining open space is allocated to sales, technical applications and support.

We really can’t wait to make this our home.

The façade, not to be outdone by the interior, has been fitted with new windows that bring in plenty of jolly light; also, a new ramp access is being built to replace the old stair entrance.

Thank God we got rid of that truck and those huge planters; the outside is really starting to take shape as well.

Snow, and more snow, welcome to Massachusetts in the winter! It’s just not home unless it's below 30F, but then again, this allows us the opportunity to prove our products work in both summer and winter conditions…

A nice touch, a reflection of the bare tree outside joins with the light bulb inside, combining into a symbolic end-of-the-year image… 

Although our offices at the moment are like that winter tree, bare of foliage and fine detail, with every day that passes we edge our way through winter and through the renovation process, towards completion and towards new growth. We know that both will be rejuvenated and full of life come spring time.

by Chris Lawrence and Olga Pyshnyak