Friday, May 11, 2012


Dadanco’s active chilled beams are a combination air-water system that uses the energy conveyed by two fluid streams (air and water) to achieve the required cooling or heating in a space.

The general design intent of an active chilled beam system is for the central air handling system to circulate only the amount of primary air needed for ventilation and latent load (humidity control) purposes, with the active chilled beams providing the additional sensible cooling (and heating) and air movement required through the induced room air and the secondary water coil.

Active chilled beam systems transfer a large portion of the cooling (and heating) loads from the less efficient air distribution system (fans and ductwork) to the more efficient water distribution system (pumps and pipes). The net result of this shift in loads is the decrease of energy consumption and energy costs. In this manner, the amount of primary air circulated by the central systems is significantly reduced (often 75%-85% less than conventional “all air” systems).

Dadanco’s patented nozzle and fluid dynamic technology gives their products an edge with an increased induction effect that reduces the number and/or size of the units and/or decreases the amount of primary air static pressure as well as lowers the noise levels.

Dadanco’s ACB20 Ceiling-mounted cassette model features vertical coils with integral drain pans which give the product an extra level of safety against possible condensation and has come to be the product of choice for laboratories, classrooms and hospitals where noise, humidity and ventilation control is critical to provide a comfortable and safe environment.

By Giancarlo Tosi

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Doing Good For Goodness’ Sake

Merriam Webster definition of SELFISH:
concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others

I love doing good. Volunteer, here I am! Supporting a good cause? Let me jump on it. Would you like to donate a dollar for the X and Y? Yes, please. Dreaming of traveling the world and making it just a wee bit better? All the time.

Now, would you call me selfish?

And yet, some people do. Those are the people that haven’t read the second part of the definition-“WITHOUT REGARD for others”. I am fine with people who do not have compassion and empathy for the plight of others, your prerogative, but please, pretty please, do not try and shake down the authentic do-gooders through slander.

Yes, helping others does make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it pleases me tremendously to think that I’ve made someone’s day a bit more hopeful, but I do this WITH REGARD for others, ergo, I’m not selfish.

Does smelling flowers constitute a selfish activity? No, it is simply a derivation of pleasure from a simple act which has nothing to do with acting without regard for others. Doing good for some people is as simple as breathing. Just a facet of life that sustains them.

Enjoying life’s moments, may they be grand- such as jumping out of a plane or as unassuming as delighting in the comfort of the well air-conditioned room, most likely, is a genuine event without any element of disregard for others. Treasure them.

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Feel free to leave me comments below and remember to always do good for goodness’ sake!

by Olga Pyshnyak